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Annie Thomas’s Story of Elder Neglect in Riverside, California

Annie Thomas’s Story of Elder Neglect in Riverside, California

Knowledge about medicine has increased greatly over the years, so it is no surprise that patients put most of their trust in doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, they too have been known to make mistakes.

The case of Annie Thomas is one such instance regarding negligent doctors and nurses. Hopefully, this story can help prevent negligence from happening and save someone dear to you in the future.

If you are looking for real stories of elder neglect and abuse, then please read on. We’re sharing recent stories from real people of the types of abuse and neglect they had to endure.

The Story

Note: Real names are changed to protect the privacy of the patient.

Ms. Annie Thomas, aged 85, entered Riverside Village Healthcare Center on December 9, 2021 from Riverside Community Hospital after she had a rod placed in her leg due to a broken femur she sustained just 3 days earlier. At Riverside Community Hospital she was able to use a walker and could get up and down to use the bathroom. However, after she was admitted to Riverside Village, that all changed.

By 12/15/21, six days after her admittance into Riverside Village, her leg became worse and was noticeably swollen. She could no longer walk as she did, when she entered the facility.

When she entered the facility, physical therapy was stopped, and she was only attended by a restorative aide (not a physical therapist) while in bed. To add insult to injury, she then tested positive for COVID.

Riverside Village attempted to discharge Annie on 12/24/21, even though they were aware of her leg’s condition and COVID status. However, Ms. Annie’s daughter  appealed the discharge, and she remained in the facility until her care was transferred.

“There was an ongoing issue with the facility regarding their communication.”

On 12/27/21, Ms. Annie’s surgical wound was determined to be infected, and a course of IV antibiotics began. Insurance companies are usually notified, however the facility failed to notify the insurance company of her infected leg.

On January 7, 2022, Annie’s daughter took her to the orthopaedic surgeon who placed the rod in her leg. Upon check-up, Dr. Bronson wrote an order for Annie for wound care and physical therapy prior to being released from Riverside Village. According to her medical records, no physical therapy was performed in January.

It is alleged that Riverside Village failed to answer Annie’s calls and administer pain medications on time. Moreover, they failed to notify her attending physician and responsible parties of a change in condition when her leg was infected and did not provide complete medical records.

It is also alleged that the facility was insufficiently staffed, especially on the 11–7 am shift – so much so that even initial IV medication had been modified from every eight hours to every twelve-hours.

In conversations between Ms. Annie’s daughter and Ms. Rose, the Director of Nursing, it had been revealed that Ms. Rose requested a modification because there were no nurses available from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. This led Ms. Annie’s daughter to believe that there was an on-going situation of understaffing.

On 1/25/22, Ms. Annie was taken from the facility to go home with her daughter. 

Ms. Annie Thomas’ story is really heart-wrenching. While Annie was fortunate enough to leave with her life, there are countless others that aren’t as lucky.

Have You Been a Victim of Elder Abuse and/or Neglect?

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