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California Legal News Round Up 9/15

California Legal News Round Up 9/15

In this week’s California legal news round up, stories we chose are about Uber and Lyft breaking California Law, new California Law requiring sick leave, California bicyclists and Prop 46.

  • Shared Rides by Uber and Lyft Break California Law: Smartphone car services Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar continue to have troubles with local governments at home and abroad. But things in California, at least, had seemed to be on pretty firm legal ground. Not any more. This week the California Public Utilities Commission sent letters to all three companies informing them that their shared-ride services violated state law.
  • New California Law Requires Sick Leave: California Gov. Jerry Brown last week signed into law a measure that mandates that employees who work 30 or more days in a year earn a minimum of three paid sick days. The law applies to both full-time and part-time workers.
  • California Bicyclists get a legal force field:Starting the week of Sept. 18, California’s bicyclists will be surrounded by a 3-foot bubble of legal protection. Under a new law called the Three Feet for Safety Act, it’s now illegal for a motor vehicle to pass within 3 feet of a moving bike. The bill, which amended the vehicle code to give cyclists added protection, was passed in August 2013 and went into effect on Sept. 16 of this year. Drivers caught violating the 3-foot law will be fined $35, and drivers who hit and injure a cyclist while they’re violating the law will be fined $220.
  • Prop 46: Coachella Valley an important voting bloc: The Coachella Valley is becoming a political battleground for a controversial health care ballot initiative that would raise the cap on medical malpractice damages and require drug and alcohol testing of doctors. Supporters of Proposition 46 include U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, a prominent Rancho Mirage Democrat.
  • California’s Prop 46 Looks to Raise Malpractice Caps, Require Drug and Alcohol Testing for Doctors: One of the most frightening statistics is the number of doctors who abuse drugs and alcohol while on the job.  Impaired doctors jeopardize the lives of their patients and often go undetected.  Prop 46 would require random drug and alcohol testing for doctors.

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