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Pressure Ulcers often Caused by Avoidable Conditions

Stage III/IV pressure ulcers are serious wounds that are very expensive to treat, some cases costing upwards of $70,000. Not only have Centers for Medicare & […]

How Do You Know When Your Loved One Is Being Neglected and / or Abused In A Nursing Home?

How Do You Know if your Loved One is being Neglected in a Nursing Home? When you go to visit, everything appears fine, but your loved […]

The Battle of the Bedsores, Pressure Sores and Decubitus Ulcers : Avoidable versus Unavoidable

There is no such thing as an unavoidable pressure ulcer, although now the Federal Government seems to be saying otherwise. Or, are they really? We shall […]

Contractures Can Lead To Bed Sores and Are A Sign of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Contractures are painful, disfiguring deformities of the joints, caused by immobility, and often resulting in reduced range of motion. Muscles shorten when a person endures long […]

Decubitus Ulcers, Pressure Sores, Bed Sores Transpire When You Stay In One Position Too Long Without Shifting Your Weight

A pressure ulcer is an area of skin that breaks down when you stay in one position for too long without shifting your weight. This often […]


Bedsores are very serious conditions that in almost all cases are caused by neglect. The incidence of serious bedsores in a nursing home’s population is one […]

What Are Bed Sores, Pressure Sores and Decubitus Ulcers?

Common Names for Bed Sores: “Bed sores” owe their name to the observation that patients who were bedridden and not properly repositioned, would often develop ulcerations […]

Immobility, Not Multiple Sclerosis, Creates The Increased Risk for Bed Sores, Pressure Sores and Decubitus Ulcers

Multiple Sclerosis Does Not Cause Pressure Sores Contrary to popular belief, it is not MS, but immobility, that creates an increased risk for pressure sores. Pressure […]

Malnutrition, Dehydration and Bedsores Are Common Sources of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Medical complications such as malnutrition, dehydration and bed sores are common consequences of nursing home neglect. In some situations, the aforementioned conditions of malnutrition and dehydration […]

Bedsores, Pressure Sores and Decubitus Ulcers Are Easier to Prevent Than to Treat

Bedsores, Pressure Sores and Decubitus Ulcers are easier to prevent than to treat, but that doesn’t mean the process is easy or uncomplicated. Although wounds can […]

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