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Timely Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Is Extremely Important in Effectuating Maximum Personal Injury Recovery

Accident investigation and accident reconstruction are commonly heard terms, but what exactly are they. The following discussion will attempt to shed some light on these processes. […]

Traumatic Brain Injury May Be Caused by The Impact Related to Severe and Catastrophic Injury says California Personal Injury Attorney Steven Peck

Brain injuries are injuries to the brain or skull caused by an external force such as a strike or impact that can result in permanent disability. […]

Catastrophic Injury Are Severe Injuries Which Need Both Expert Medical and Legal Care Says California Personal Injury lawyer Steven Peck

What kinds of injuries could be classified as catastrophic? While all injuries can bring severe physical and emotional pain, some are so severe that they are […]

California Personal Injury Lawyer Steven Peck Indicates That There Are Too Many Serious and Catastrophic Truck and Vehicle Accidents

Between 2007 and 2013,  over 5,000 people were killed or seriously injured, suffering catastrophic injury in the State of California says California Personal Injury Lawyer Steven Peck The […]

Catastrophic Injuries Cause Tremendous Pain and Suffering

Catastrophic injuries cause tremendous pain and suffering. Any disabling and long-lasting condition that causes severe pain or affects your ability to normally live your life may […]

Pole Vaulters Can Suffer Catastrophic Injury

A college pole vaulter died earlier this week after missing the landing pad during practice at the University of California-San Diego. Leon Roach, 19, landed head […]

The Peck Law Group Personal Injury Lawyers Shall Get You the Just Compensation That You Deserve

Catastrophic accidents can call for any lifelong medical care and constant surgeries. For instance, an individual who suffers a traumatic brain injury may need constant surgical […]

Catastrophic Injury and Serious Personal Injury Deserve Just Compensation

Catastrophic Injury: A catastrophic injury is a serious, life-changing event often resulting in limitations and complications that last a lifetime. The Peck Law Group at […]

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