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Seven Categories of Elder Abuse

There are Seven Categories of Elder Abuse Number one is physical abuse that may include but not limited to such acts of violence as striking with […]

Elder Abuse Awareness is Essential So Victims Can Know Their Rights

Awareness of Elder Abuse: What can be Done? Elder abuse is an issue that many keep silent about, including its victims. Since this issue is one […]

One-Quarter Million (250,000) Become Victims of Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Each Year in California

Many members of our population are elderly or disabled, and elect to have an in-home caregiver rather than move to a full-time care facility. Unfortunately, these […]

Elder Abuse is Criminal, Inhumane, and A Social Threat to Society

It was a crime scene like no other when law enforcement officials arrived at the home of an 84-year-old woman who had been remanded to intensive […]

Nursing Home Abuse is a Serious Problem throughout the United States

Nursing home abuse is a serious problem throughout the country, and it often goes unreported because the victims cannot communicate that they are being mistreated. Nursing […]

Elders Susceptible to Living in Nursing Homes That Have Been Charged With Abuse or Neglect

What to do if a Nursing Home is Charged with Abuse or Neglect In America today, we have placed nearly 2 million elderly family members under […]

How to Prevent Elder Abuse

It’s important to recognize the signs of elder abuse, but there are things that caregivers and older adults can do to avoid situations where elder abuse […]

Alleged Victims File Suit for Elder Abuse

Four of the alleged victims in the highly publicized elder abuse case at Good Samaritan Society of Albert Lea and their families have sued the operator […]

Michigan Takes a Strong Stand Against Elder Abuse

Taking a stand against elder abuse in Michigan, the Michigan House of Representatives today passed a plan sponsored by State Representative Dian Slavens (D-Canton) that will […]

California Temporarily Halts Disqualification of In-Home Care Givers with Felony Records

An Alameda County judge has stopped the state from disqualifying people with felony records from being in-home care workers, the third judicial setback for Gov. Arnold […]

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