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Two wrongful death complaints against two  nursing homes alleging that neglect and a lack of nursing staff led to the deaths of two patients in 2016

Two men died after developing severe pressure ulcers that became infected while they were patients at the Eureka and Seaview rehabilitation and Wellness Centers. In most instances pressure […]

What are signs that a nursing home resident is being sexually abused?

What are signs that a nursing home resident is being sexually abused? Physical indicators of sexual abuse include: Bruises around inner thighs, the genital area or […]

Daughter of Jerry Lee Lewis Sued for Elder Abuse

In the latest case of elder abuse in Los Angeles, Jerry Lee Lewis’s daughter is being sued for allegedly giving him drugs and keeping him isolated […]

Mother of Michael Jackson Accuses Nephew of Elder Abuse

Katherine Jackson, the mother of Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson, filed a restraining order due to elder abuse against her nephew Trent Lamar Jackson on Wednesday, […]

Nursing Home Admission Contracts Deny Elders and Dependent Adults of Their Constitutional Rights

The fine print buried in nursing home admissions contracts is depriving nursing home residents and their families of their constitutional rights. During the incredibly stressful nursing […]

Proper Positioning is Needed to Eliminate Risk of Bed Sores, Decubitus Ulcers and Pressure Sores

To aid in the prevention of Bed sores, Decubitus ulcers, and Pressure ulcers: elevation of the head of the bed to no more than 30 degrees (or […]

Residential Care Facilities Advocated by CARR

Residential care facilities advocated by CARR: Many senior advocacy and elder justice professionals use Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform (CARR) as a resource regarding consumer advocacy […]

California Needs More Regulation for Residential Care Facilities

California needs more regulation for residential care facilities and is seeking a regulation on Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs aka assisted living and board […]

Legal Protection For Patient Safety Information

Is there existing legal protection for patient safety information exchanged across institutional boundaries? Federal Protection 42 U.S.C. §299c-3(c) Perhaps the most promising source of existing Federal […]

How to Prevent Elder Abuse

It’s important to recognize the signs of elder abuse, but there are things that caregivers and older adults can do to avoid situations where elder abuse […]

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