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Enforcement of a Broken Contractual Agreement

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties. So, how do you enforce it if it is broken by one of the parties? […]

Business Net Receipts Tax (BNRT) Contemplated for the State of California

The centerpiece of the plan will be a tax that few people in California have ever heard of, is virtually untested in the world, is disliked […]

California Business Attorney: Buy-Sell Agreements – Redemption or Cross-Purchase?

Buy-sell agreements usually take the form of either a redemption,in which the corporation purchases its own shares from the selling shareholder, or a cross-purchase, in which […]

Awesome Prejudgment Collection Remedy:  The Writ of Attachment

What Is A Writ Of Attachment And Why Do You Need It? If you have filed a lawsuit, and want to make sure that the defendant’s […]

Identifying the Client:  California Business Attorney Buy-Sell Agreements

A. Preliminary Considerations Identifying the Client: An attorney who is asked to plan and draft, or to review, a buy-sell agreement often faces a preliminary problem […]

California Earthquake Business Survival:  How to Quickly Recover

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), recently hosted a forum titled, “Will Your Business Survive an Earthquake,” for the Encino Chamber of Commerce in California. QuakeSmart […]

California Health Plans Cannot Unilaterally Cancel Policies

It looks like the state of California will pass a tough bill banning health plans from retroactively canceling consumer policies for alleged misstatements in their applications. […]

California Lis Pendens: A Chilling Effect On the Sale of the Real Estate

NATURE OF A LIS PENDENS In real estate law, one of the most potent weapons a plaintiff has when filing an action affecting title or possession […]

The “Business” of Health Insurance

Among all Americans, only prisoners enjoy the protection of the U.S. Constitution when it comes to health care. And even for prisoners, the Eighth Amendment requires […]

Let the Creditor Beware

Times are tough. The economy has fallen off a cliff and has only very slowly begun to claw its way back up. In the State of […]

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