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Untimely Reaffirmation Agreements Will Be Stricken

This Bankruptcy matter was brought pursuant to Section 524 of the Bankruptcy Code, for consideration of a reaffirmation agreement between the debtors (the “Debtors”) and (the […]

Complaints Objecting to Discharge or Dischargeability of Debts In Bankruptcy Must Be Timely Filed

A consumer debtor may choose to liquidate under Chapter 7 or reorganize under Chapter 11 or 13 (depending on the amount of outstanding indebtedness). See 11 […]

Consumer Credit Problems Leading to More Bankruptcies

Consumer credit problems are taking their toll on more and more people, according to bankruptcy numbers released recently. The National Bankruptcy Research Center (NBRC) reported that […]

The Criteria For The Filing of Bankruptcy Petitions

The U.S. Code limits who may file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy based on several different criteria. For a general discharge, any individual qualifies who maintains legal […]

State Of Hawaii Has Rising Bankruptcy Filings

Even paradise has its share of problems: In this case, it’d be a rising number of personal bankruptcy filings. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported in mid-February that […]

More Bankruptcy Looms Absent Comprehensive Health Care Reform

As comprehensive health care reform has been stalled for several weeks now, progressive legislators, advocates and health care consumers across the country have been feeling a […]

What is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Mortgages with unsavory terms of payment are very prevelant in today’s business world. Balloon payments, interest rates that continue to rise over the life of the […]

Economic Stress Index Continues Strong in the United States

California ranked third in the country in December for economic stress based on unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, reports the Associated Press.The wire service analyzed 3,141 […]

Bankruptcy Filings Are Still on the Rise

We’d all like to think that the nation’s economy is improving, but the rising number of business bankruptcy filings offers proof that commercial businesses throughout the […]

Personal Bankruptcy: The Need for Protection from Creditors

With unemployment expected to persist above 10 percent through 2010, more Americans whose debt has ballooned may wonder whether they should seek protection from their creditors. […]

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