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Possible Elder Abuse – Harmful Red Pills in Nursing Homes

Possible Elder Abuse – Harmful Red Pills in Nursing Homes

According to a CNN report there is a little red pill being given to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, and disabled as a “cure-all”. Unfortunately the pill seems to be anything but, with more than a thousand reports submitted to the FDA including over 51 deaths, 100 hospitalizations, and 101 falls.

Possible Elder Abuse?

Neudexta, the little red pill created by the California pharmaceutical firm Avanir Pharmaceuticals, was approved by the FDA for pseudobulbar affect. Pseudobulbar affect (PBA), a very rare condition that effects only 1% of the population, is basically when a person has uncontrollable bouts of crying or laughing.

Even though PBA only effects a very small amount of people, sales have increased by 4x just in the last four years with a majority being used in nursing homes. The report indicates that doctors are prescribing Neudexta off label to their elderly patients for dementia and other conditions that simply aren’t appropriate, and may even be receiving monetary gains from Avanir Pharmaceuticals.

The Danger

  • Nuedexta hasn’t been studied for use with the elderly.
  • Many doctors have been receiving incentives from Avanir for prescribing Neudexta, with some doctors making up to $500k through side consulting / speaking jobs with the pharmaceutical company.
  • An increase in falls have been linked to the use of Neudexta.

Overmedicating the elderly has been an increasing problem in the United States. Unfortunately over and over again money has trumped the best interests of elderly patients.

Have you been a Victim of Elder Abuse in California?

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