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Los Angeles Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

The Peck Law Group is Los Angeles, California’s Premier Nursing Home Negligence and Physical Abuse Attorneys.

When your loved one has an unexplained injury or illness in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, the Peck Law Group will fight for your rights.

The Peck Law Group is your premier nursing home negligence and abuse law firm in Los Angeles and throughout California. Speak with a lawyer today to receive your free case evaluation by calling toll-free 866-999-9085.

We provide passionate and aggressive representation for nursing home negligence and abuse victims, handling the following types of cases:

Inadequate Staffing – One of the top issues in nursing homes these days is under-staffing for the number of residents in the facility. There are specific laws that address the number of staff needed, however many long term care facilities cut corners to reduce expenses and hire less staff than needed. This results in sub-par care and can result in neglect or injury.

Administration Errors – Even if not intended, simple mistakes such as not providing medications on time, failure to provide the correct amount of food or water, and failure to repair known equipment or in-room items can lead to life threatening results.

Falls and Fractures – Nursing homes have a duty to ensure that their residents and facilities are safe, with the proper supervision to avoid injury. When nursing homes fail to do this, they should be held accountable for their negligence. Financial compensation is often the result after receiving legal representation for injuries resulting from falls and fractures.

Bed Sores – Bed sores, also known as pressure sores and decubitus ulcers, are a very preventable injury. If they occur, bed sores can result in serious complications and even death. Many nursing homes choose not to provide the proper training to their staff to prevent bedsores so that they can identify and treat them.

Medication Mistakes – Mistakes in medication – including overdoses, under medicating, and giving the wrong medications – are common issues in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and can lead to life threatening issues. The Peck Law Group can help in your claim for medication mistake compensation.

Choking – Sub-par supervision is one of the top reasons behind choking incidents at long term care facilities. If cared for appropriately, many choking incidents can be avoided completely.

Unreasonable Restraints – The use of unreasonable restraints is the number one reason for nursing home abuse complaints in Los Angeles. Nursing homes can only use restraints in very limited situations, and when your loved one is put in restraints unjustly, it can result in both physical and emotional injury.

Sexual Harassment – You might think it’s uncommon for sexual harassment in a nursing home, but it is more prevalent than most people think. Victims can be uncomfortable in talking about it and are many times hesitant to come forward with the information. They might even be unsure if what they experienced was sexual harassment. If you suspect nursing home sexual harassment, we can assist in discovering the details and requesting compensation for your loved one.

Emotional Trauma – Residents of nursing homes suffer from a disproportionately higher rate of emotional trauma than those outside of nursing homes. If your loved one is showing sudden signs of depression or anxiety, medical attention and legal representation may be needed to determine the reason behind this trauma.

Financial Exploitation – Nursing home residents being financially exploited is one of the most common forms of elder abuse. Staff members use their position and knowledge of the resident’s situation to take advantage of sick and incapacitated resident’s finances.

Verbal Abuse – Nursing home residents who endure verbal abuse may suffer through emotional and psychological trauma. Under no circumstance should a nursing home resident be made to suffer through verbal abuse from other residents or staff.

Clogged Breathing Tubes – When recovering from surgery or suffering from illnesses like bronchitis, pneumonia, or other respiratory issues, clogged breathing tubes can be a major problem for a nursing home resident. Nursing homes have a duty to make sure residents are cared for and that they don’t suffer from clogged breathing tubes.

Serious and Life-Threatening Injury – Almost half of all nursing home residents report some sort of abuse. 95% of nursing home residents say they have either experienced abuse or witnessed it. If your loved one has experienced a serious or life-threatening injury, they deserve immediate representation and financial compensation.

Inappropriate Care – All forms of inappropriate care that lead to an illness or injury could be grounds for filing a lawsuit. Often, this is the only option for getting the attention of the nursing home and receiving the money deserved for the inappropriate care and resulting financial loss or future expenses.

Malnutrition – Malnutrition is a very dangerous condition that can put a nursing home resident in danger of additional medical conditions or even death. Nursing home residents should never suffer from malnutrition when proper care is given during their stay.

Wrongful Death – If your loved one died during a nursing home stay and you suspect any type of neglect, abuse or inappropriate care, it is imperative you speak to an attorney immediately. The Peck Law Group are experienced attorneys in wrongful death claims against nursing homes. We will make sure your family receives the compensation it deserves for your loved ones wrongful death.

Nobody deserves to be a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect.

Talk with an experienced attorney today and determine if you have a claim for compensation against a nursing home in Los Angeles by calling toll-free (866) 999-9085. The consultation is free and will remain confidential. We will never collect a fee unless we win financial compensation for you.

Nursing Home Abuse Infographic with statistics on elder abuse and neglect


Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Home Negligence and Abuse:

Q) I overheard one of the employees calling my loved one a name. They apologized afterward, but I think it might be happening routinely. Could this be nursing home negligence or abuse?

A) Any type of abuse in a nursing home is a serious concern. Nursing home residents who receive this type of treatment often suffer from emotional or psychological distress. When this type of unacceptable behavior occurs, you might have case for nursing home abuse lawsuit. It is possible your loved one may not want to talk about what you heard or if this is something that is happening regularly. Some warning signs that nursing home negligence or abuse could be possible are:

  • An aggressive environment between staff members. Residents may also act aggressive or disorderly and there could be an abnormal amount of yelling.
  • Rumors from residents and other family members regarding abuse.
  • Specific complaints from residents or family members.
  • Incidents of nursing home staff playing pranks or telling inappropriate jokes that embarrass residents.

If you think your loved one could be a victim of nursing home abuse in Los Angeles, call the Peck Law Group to schedule a free consultation. We have experienced and compassionate attorneys that will help evaluate your possible claim.

Q) What are some signs of possible nursing home negligence or abuse?

A) Nursing home negligence and/or abuse cannot be tolerated. Nursing homes should be a safe place for our loved ones. It’s important to keep in mind that like any form of abuse, your loved one or the staff may make up excuses of how an injury occurred. Unfortunately, statistics show that almost half of all nursing home residents have been subject to some form of abuse during their stay. Some signs that nursing home negligence or abuse are happening are:

  • Your loved one does not like to be left alone with a specific staff member.
  • Signs of depression or anxiety. Any type of change in mental status. Possible reduction or complete discontinuation of eating.
  • Uncleanliness or a noticeable difference in your loved one’s physical appearance between prior to entering the nursing home and after.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Refusal to eat or take medications.
  • Your loved one does not speak as much or stops completely.
  • Your loved one seems to just want to be left alone all the time.
  • Abnormal emotional outbursts.
  • Noticeable signs of dehydration.
  • Bed sores.
  • Bruising, welts, cuts or scratches or broken bones.

Please keep in mind, sometimes these sings are not an indication of nursing home negligence or abuse, but they could be signs of other problems. Dehydration, bedsores and unexplained weight loss could be signs of diabetes. But, it’s important to pay attention to the signs and determine the proper steps to help your loved one.

If you think your loved one could be a victim of nursing home abuse in Los Angeles, schedule your free case evaluation with the Peck Law Group today. We have experienced and compassionate elder abuse attorneys that will help evaluate your claim.

Q) What are the most common types of nursing home negligence and abuse in Los Angeles?

A) The most common types of nursing home negligence and abuse are:

  • Bedsores – Bedsores are preventable. Unfortunately, nursing homes do not always train their staff properly on bedsore prevention and treatment. This can be very dangerous because bedsores can be fatal.
  • Falls and Fractures – Nursing homes are legally obligated to provide adequate care and supervision to help keep the nursing home safe for residents.
  • Malnutrition – Nursing homes must provide the proper care to prevent malnutrition. Malnutrition can be fatal to nursing home residents.
  • Choking – Choking is a serious issue with nursing home residents. Nursing homes are obligated to provide enough supervision to prevent these types of incidents.
  • Clogged Breathing Tubes – Residents that have breathing tubes need special care. Los Angeles nursing homes are obligated to make sure residents with breathing tubes have clean and unblocked breathing tubes at all times.
  • Emotional Abuse – Emotional abuse can be a very serious issue. Signs could include not wanting to be left with a specific staff member, crying or depression.
  • Sexual Harassment -Your loved one could be embarrassed to discuss the fact that they are being sexually harassed by a staff member or other residents.
  • Financial Exploitation – Financial exploitation is one of the most common forms of abuse in nursing homes. Theft, undue influence by a staff member, and forgery are common types of financial exploitation.
  • Wrongful Death – If your loved one died from nursing home neglect or abuse, you may have a case against the nursing home for wrongful death.

With multiple offices throughout California, The Peck Law Group’s nursing home abuse attorneys can you assist you with your case, whether you are in Los Angeles or other areas including (but not limited to):


If your loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect in Los Angeles, call the Peck Law Group immediately at 866-999-9085. Nursing home negligence and abuse should never happen and should never be tolerated.


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