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Riverside Man William Carter Gets 3 Years for Elderly Abuse

Riverside Man William Carter Gets 3 Years for Elderly Abuse

William Marion Carter, a riverside resident, pleaded guilty to the elder abuse of Carol Folz, a 73 year elderly woman in Laguna Niguel.

Folz passed away at her home under suspicious circumstances March 2016 at which point her caretaker, William Carter, cashed three reverse mortgage checks on Carol’s home, tried to sell the property, and impersonated multiple people by forging signatures and documents.

Carol Folz was William’s wife’s cousin, and allegedly William Carter gave Carol shoddy care at best, allowing her to be injured likely to lead to bodily injury and even death. When she passed away that same month that she was injured, William called a private body removal service to take Carol’s body from Laguna Niguel to San Bernadino and even forged a notary’s signature to authorize the cremation of her body. Unfortunately her body was cremated before the police, coroner’s office, and paramedics were notified, making this case even more suspicious.

All in all William Carter admitted to the following counts of elder abuse:

  • Felony elder abuse
  • Attempted grand theft
  • Possession of a forged drivers license
  • Money laundering
  • 2 counts of forgery of public or corporate seals
  • 2 counts of attempt to file false instrument
  • 4 counts of 2nd degree burglary
  • 7 counts of grand theft
  • 23 counts of acts constituting forgery

You would think that this man would be put away for many years, however he only received 3 years. The authorities learned of his crimes as Carol’s relative had heard about the sale of Carol’s home and called law enforcement.

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