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Sacramento California Nursing Home Lawsuit News

Sacramento California Nursing Home Lawsuit News

In 2018, a law in California was enacted that increased the amount of nursing time required to be spent with each patient per day from 3.2 to 3.5 hours. This time is the minimum standard of direct nursing care hours that are needed to care for a nursing home. Under California’s Patient’s Bill of Rights, patients are entitled to experience adequate staffing in the skilled nursing facilities in which they reside.

Sacramento California Nursing Home Lawsuit

After this law was passed, a class action lawsuit involving a nursing home in Sacramento, California (along with other nursing homes) was filed. The lawsuit alleged that these nursing homes were purposefully being understaffed in order to save on costs and generate more profit.

At this time, it appears that this class action lawsuit is ongoing and has not yet been resolved. A similar class action lawsuit was filed back in 2014, which also included an allegation that some of these same nursing homes failed to have adequate staffing at that time. The 2014 lawsuit also contained other allegations, such as an intentional misrepresentation of the quality of services and care provided by these facilities, which was considered to be a violation of resident rights.

The Involvement of The California Department of Public Health

When it comes to enforcing staffing requirements, The California Department of Public Health is responsible. The health department conducts inspections along with unannounced staffing audits when there are complaints made. If there is inadequate staffing at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the patients and residents are the ones who suffer due to an increased risk of negligence. Their inspection records and notes may be important evidence in both class action lawsuits.

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Attorney Steven Peck has been practicing law since 1981. A former successful business owner, Mr. Peck initially focused his legal career on business law. Within the first three years, after some colleagues and friend’s parents endured nursing home neglect and elder abuse, he continued his education to begin practicing elder law and nursing home abuse law.

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