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Urinary Incontinence Can Lead to Horrific Bed Sores

Urinary Incontinence Can Lead to Horrific Bed Sores

Bed Sores Can Be Caused By Urinary Incontinence

Many Elderly and Dependent adults have issues concerning arthritis, weak bones, loss of cognition, falls, and infections. Other concerning health disorders that afflict a large number of elderly and dependent adults include bed sores aka pressure sores, pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers and urinary incontinence (UI).

Being restricted to bed, because of these issues, Elder and Dependent adults end up suffering from additional problems like bed sores, which are open wounds on skin that causes immense pain. Severe bed sores penetrate deep into the skin affecting the multiples layers of tissue, including muscle and bone. The sight is grotesque making it difficult for dear ones to help in coping with the issue.
Apart from bed sores urinary incontinence is another factor that becomes problematic for senior people. It is a condition where the patient has a sudden and urgent to urinate with every cough or sneeze.
Bed sores and urinary incontinence are two major factors that drive the need for home nursing staff to be carefully aware of the needs of bed ridden elderly patients. These concerns and how to deal with them effectively, however, are often not given due importance.

Medical conditions and some medications can cause involuntary loss of urine. Women generally suffer incontinence due to weakened pelvic muscles. Enlarged prostate glands are often the cause of incontinence for men. Factors such as alcohol and caffeine also contribute to cause UI in later years. Sometimes there occurs a need to insert temporary, disposable devices in the urethra to stop involuntary urine flow. Additionally, use of adult incontinence diapers or briefs can also help the patient resume to normal and uninterrupted lifestyles.

The medical profession must stay very alert and completely attentive to elder and dependent adults suffering through periods of urinary incontinence and how such a preventable condition may lead to terribly infected bed sores.

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