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Elder Financial Abuse Costs Senior Americans over $2.6 Billion Per Year

Elder abuse is doing something or failing to do something that results in harm to an elderly person or puts a helpless older person at risk […]

Financial Elder Abuse Scams Cost New York Elders 180 Million Dollars To Date

Warning that more than 40,000 Western New York senior citizens may have fallen victim to financial scams costing them $15 million, U. S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand […]

Elder Abuse: Intimidation, Exploitation and Physical Pain

For older adults who depend on others to care for them, the world can be a scary place. Like children who rely on their parents for […]

Financial Exploitation:  The Hidden Elder Abuse

The injuries suffered by an older person from physical abuse or neglect are tragic, but there’s a much less sensational and publicized form of elder abuse […]

California Financial Elder Abuse: The Old and the Wealthy are Prime Targets

For a little while, at least until the police arrived with an arrest warrant, it must have seemed like the perfect crime. Seniors: Beware of Ponzi […]

California Elder Financial Abuse:  Costing 2.6 Billion Dollars Annually

Family Members Sometimes Perpetrate Elder Financial Abuse The Elder was the victim of cruelty, not by strangers but by her own family. The Elder had granted […]

Financial Scams: California Financial Elder Abuse

Many many financial scams target the elderly and everyone should know how they can protect themselves and their loved ones. Contact Steven Peck’s Premier Legal toll […]

Medi-Cal Fraud:  California Elder Abuse

Twenty-five Southern California residents were charged Thursday with seeking payment from the state for providing in-home care to clients who were, in fact, dead, hospitalized or […]

Elder Abuse, Neglect, Isolation, Physical & Financial Abuse: The Family is often the Culprit

Sarah was 73 years old when she allowed her daughter and son-in-law to move into her house. Due to the economy, the young couple was struggling […]

Elder Abuse:  Fiction, Fact and Reality

Elder financial abuse costs older Americans more than $2.6 billion per year and is most often perpetrated by family members and caregivers, according to a new […]

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