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Should the MICRA Cap for Pain and Suffering Be Adjusted?

Should the MICRA Cap for Pain and Suffering Damages in the State of California (compensation for preventable medical errors) of $250,000.00 passed nearly Four Decades Ago […]

Does A Criminal Act Affect Liability Claims?

Is Rock Throwing a Criminal Act Worthy of a Liability Claim? The primary issue concerning the question of whether the criminal nature of rock-throwing affected the […]

What is the Legal Cause of Action for Sexual Harrassment?

What is the Legal Cause of Action for Sexual Harrassment?. Unruh Act claim under Civil Code 51.9 and 52 (attorneys fees, treble damages, etc.) Ca Civil […]

Evidence of A Criminal Conviction May Be Admissible

Evidence of a criminal conviction may be admissible, meaning, evidence of a judgment of conviction of a felony is admissible in a civil case to prove […]

Catastrophic Injuries Will Need Prolonged Medical Treatment

Catastrophic Injuries Will Need Prolonged Medical Treatment: Injuries are considered “catastrophic” when they are extremely severe, require prolonged medical treatment. Many types of injuries fall into […]

Proper Positioning is Needed to Eliminate Risk of Bed Sores, Decubitus Ulcers and Pressure Sores

To aid in the prevention of Bed sores, Decubitus ulcers, and Pressure ulcers: elevation of the head of the bed to no more than 30 degrees (or […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Issues

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can cause severe medical and physical issues. Even a mild injury to the brain can have long lasting consequences, including increased risk of […]

Settlement Negotiations

Settlement Negotiations: Section 1152, subdivision (a), provides, “Evidence that a person has, in compromise … furnished or offered or promised to furnish money or any other […]

Personal Injury: Past Medical Services

Personal Injury: Past Medical Services: As a general rule, a plaintiff in a tort action is not to be placed in a better position than he […]

Injured Individuals Are Entitled to Just Compensation For Negligence  / Neglect Causing Serious and Catastrophic Personal Injury

JUST COMPENSATION FOR SERIOUS AND CATASTOPHIC PERSONAL INJURY When a individual and / or family member is injured in an accident, the injury could be serious and catastrophic and […]

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