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Personal Injury: What Are the Major Causes and Statistics?

Personal injury  claims constitute  up a huge portion of  court litigation in our State and Federal court systems. Personal injury claims, involve some injury to person and/or property  as a result […]

Settlement of Ongoing Civil Litigation & Personal Injury Law Suit

Settlement, in most actions including personal Injury actions of all kinds, is an alternative to pursuing litigation through trial. Typically, it occurs when the defendant agrees to […]

Does A Criminal Act Affect Liability Claims?

Is Rock Throwing a Criminal Act Worthy of a Liability Claim? The primary issue concerning the question of whether the criminal nature of rock-throwing affected the […]

Many Entities and / or Individuals May Be Deemed Responsible For the Victim’s Trucking Accident Personal Injuries

When it comes to truck accidents, there is a web of players who may be responsible for a victim’s injuries, including: The truck’s driver The owner […]

Proper Positioning is Needed to Eliminate Risk of Bed Sores, Decubitus Ulcers and Pressure Sores

To aid in the prevention of Bed sores, Decubitus ulcers, and Pressure ulcers: elevation of the head of the bed to no more than 30 degrees (or […]

Public Entity will Not Retain Statutory Immunity When Changed Physical Conditions of Public Property Cause Personal Injury Damages

The Law Regarding “Changed Physical Conditions” In 1972, in Baldwin, supra, 6 Cal.3d 424, our Supreme Court carved out an exception to its previous holding that […]

Surgical Errors Causing Wrongful Death Are Common In Long Term Care Facilities

Surgical Errors can Cause Death and Ruin Families The family of a California man who died after a hernia surgery has filed suit against their Medical […]

Bedsores, Pressure Sores aka Decubitus Ulcers Can Cause Serious Personal Injury to Elder Residents

Bedsores may sound like a minor inconvenience, but they are often very serious. Bedsore injuries frequently impact individuals living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. […]

Negligence Can Cause Catastrophic and Serious Injury

In general terms, negligence is “the failure to use ordinary care” through either an act or omission. That is, negligence occurs when: Somebody does not exercise […]

Adverse Events In California Health Facilities Must be Reported Within Five Days After They Are Detected Says Personal Injury Lawyer Steven Peck

California Health & Safety Code 1279.1 requires reporting of adverse events to the California Department of Health, no later than five (5) days after the event […]

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