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Alameda County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

As your Alameda County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer, The Peck Law Group is dedicated to ensuring justice and the maximum compensation for victims and their families.

If your family member encounters an unexplained injury or illness while in a nursing home or assisted living facility, the Peck Law Group will fight to protect your rights. Our team, known for expertise and unwavering commitment, ensures that the vulnerable receive the justice they deserve.

We invite you to contact us for a complimentary case evaluation. Reach out to our experienced Alameda nursing home abuse attorneys at the Peck Law Group today by calling toll-free at 866-999-9085 for your free consultation.

Alameda Nursing Home Issues We Handle

At The Peck Law Group, we provide expert legal advocacy for victims of assisted living abuse, nursing home abuse, and negligence in Alameda County, California. Our approach seamlessly blends empathy with assertive legal strategies, ensuring justice for the most vulnerable.

We handle all nursing home abuse, neglect, and negligence cases, including:

Falls and Fractures

We thoroughly investigate incidents of falls leading to fractures in nursing homes, focusing on potential safety lapses or insufficient supervision. Our goal is to hold these facilities accountable and secure comprehensive compensation for our clients.

Bed Sores and Neglect

The presence of bed sores often points to neglect. We initiate legal action against nursing homes that fail to prevent or treat these sores, aiming to secure due compensation for the affected residents.

Medication Error

We address cases of medication errors, which can significantly impact residents’ health. Our investigations aim to establish negligence and recover compensation for medical expenses and other related damages.

Choking Hazards

Our team scrutinizes choking incidents in nursing homes, ensuring responsible parties are held accountable for any lack of proper care and supervision.

Sexual Assault

The prevalence of sexual abuse in nursing homes is a critical issue that demands immediate and serious attention. Such acts of abuse in environments meant to be sanctuaries for the elderly are not only breaches of trust but also inflict profound harm on the victims’ dignity and well-being.

Key indicators of potential sexual assault include:

  • Mysterious Physical Injuries: Be vigilant for unexplained bruises or wounds, especially in sensitive areas.
  • Behavioral Shifts: Noticeable changes in a resident’s behavior, such as becoming withdrawn or showing fear, particularly around certain individuals.
  • Signs of Emotional Trauma: Symptoms like anxiety, depression, or signs of PTSD, including nightmares or mood swings.
  • Physical Discomfort Reports: Complaints related to genital pain, difficulties in mobility, or unexplained infections.

Victims of sexual abuse in nursing homes often face long-lasting physical, mental, and emotional trauma. They require comprehensive support for healing and recovery. In such cases, the expertise of a seasoned nursing home abuse attorney is invaluable. Attorneys are not just legal advocates; they are crucial in ensuring victims receive the care and support they need.

Verbal Abuse

Addressing verbal abuse in Alameda nursing homes, we document instances of abuse, holding responsible parties accountable, and securing compensation for the emotional trauma of the victims.

Breathing Tube Negligence

Our firm addresses cases of negligence involving breathing tubes, ensuring that Alameda County nursing homes meet the required medical care standards and advocating for compensation for additional medical treatment and related suffering.


Tackling the critical issue of malnutrition in nursing homes, we strive to ensure that residents receive appropriate nutrition and care, securing compensation for any resulting health complications.

Nurse pushing resident in wheel chair at Alameda County nursing home.

Severe Injury and Wrongful Death Representation in Alameda County, California

The Peck Law Group stands as Alameda County’s premier law firm, specializing in nursing home negligence and physical abuse cases.

We represent victims of severe injuries and wrongful death in nursing homes, understanding the profound impact of these incidents. Our goal is to secure maximum compensation for all related expenses and emotional impact.

As a renowned law firm handling cases in Alameda County and throughout California, the Peck Law Group excels in handling nursing home neglect and abuse cases. If you suspect nursing home abuse or negligence, contact us for an in-depth case evaluation.

Alameda County Nursing Home Abuse FAQs

Q) My family member in an Alameda County Nursing Home is showing signs of emotional distress, but no physical harm. Could this still be a case of abuse?

A) Yes, emotional distress without physical harm can still be a form of abuse, known as psychological or emotional abuse. Signs include increased fearfulness, anxiety, withdrawal, or unusual behavior. It’s important to talk to your loved one and understand their experience while ensuring they feel safe and supported. Document any instances of distress and the possible causes. Contacting The Peck Law Group can provide you with the necessary legal support. We specialize in such cases within Alameda County and can help investigate the situation and advise on the appropriate legal steps to take.

Q) How do I report suspected neglect or abuse in an Alameda County Nursing Home, and what is the role of a lawyer in this process?

A) If you suspect neglect or abuse in an Alameda County Nursing Home, the first step is to report it to the facility’s management. Additionally, you should file a report with local health departments or adult protective services.
The Peck Law Group’s role in this process is crucial. They can guide you through the legal steps, help document the abuse or neglect, and represent your loved one’s interests in legal proceedings.

The Peck Law Group’s team of Alameda County nursing home abuse lawyers can assist in navigating these processes and ensure that your loved one’s rights are protected while seeking justice and compensation for any harm caused. Reach out today for your free case evaluation.


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