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Bed Sore Attorneys in Riverside

Elder abuse and neglect is wrong, and there are legal remedies available for victims of this type of abuse.  The attorneys at The Peck Law Group are experienced in handling cases for individuals who have suffered from bed sores or pressure sores resulting from abuse or neglect.  If you have concerns that a loved one is suffering from bed sores due to neglect or abuse they may be experiencing in Riverside, California, call the bed sore attorneys at The Peck Law Group today to discuss a possible claim for damages.

How do Bed Sores Develop?

Bed sores are also commonly referred to as pressure sores.  The medical term for bed sores is decubitus ulcers.  When there is pressure applied to the body, bed sores may form.  These sores occur as a result of friction from rubbing skin against something such as a brace, cast, or bedding material.  Another way that bed sores can form is due to exposure of a person’s skin to the cold for long stretches of time.  Bed sores are most commonly found on skin tissue that is directly on top of the bone.  This means that the areas of the body more susceptible to the formation of bed sores include the hips, tailbone, spine, and elbows.

The High Rate of Bed Sores Occurring in Long-Term Care Facilities

Residents of long-term care facilities tend to experience pressure sores and bed sores at a higher rate than those living outside of these facilities.  The higher prevalence of bed sores in these facilities seems to be brought on by staffing shortages and minimal and insufficient medical funding for these facilities.  As a result of the lack of resources in these facilities, the residents are not being fed, cleaned, and turned with position changes as frequently as they should be.  At minimum, patients should be turned at least every two hours.  The proper turning schedule also can vary depending on the patient’s individual needs, and certain patients may need to be turned more often than every two hours.

Symptoms of Neglect or Negligence – Bed Sores and Beyond

Patients who suffer from significant weight loss and large deep wounds with chronic infections are typically not receiving the proper standard of care.  If you notice massive wounds, this is generally an indicator of neglect and negligence in more than one way.  With this type of physical symptom, it is possible your loved one is experiencing neglect or negligence in one or more of the following areas:

  • Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Medical needs
  • Infection control
  • Positioning

If a person develops decubitus ulcers (bed sores), that is also a serious indication of abuse or neglect.  At minimum, it can mean that the elderly individual’s caretaking needs are not being met.  It is important to address this issue with a medical professional as soon as this is noticed.

With multiple offices throughout California, The Peck Law Group’s bed sore attorneys can you assist you with your case throughout California including (but not limited to):

If you have concerns that a loved one in the Riverside, California area may be a victim of neglect or abuse due to the development of bed sores or other conditions, contact the attorneys at The Peck Law Group right away.


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