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Orange County Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Orange County, California’s top nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys.

Having a loved one who has been a victim of an unexplained injury or illness while living in a nursing home facility is a difficult thing to deal with.  Fortunately, the Peck Law Group has experienced attorneys who are ready to help you and your loved one fight for compensation for what your loved one had to go through.  The attorneys at the Peck Law Group are Orange County, California’s premier nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys, with several years of experience.  These attorneys aggressively fight for their clients who have suffered from nursing home abuse and neglect.  The attorneys at the Peck Law Group handle many different cases involving elder abuse and neglect, including the following:

Emotional Abuse – It is not uncommon for a nursing home resident to be suffering from emotional abuse.  If you are concerned about whether a loved one is a victim of emotional abuse, some signs to look for include not wanting to be left alone with one or more specific staff members, along with crying and indicators of depression.

Sexual Harassment – Another form of elder abuse that occurs in nursing home facilities is sexual harassment.  Sometimes, when sexual harassment is occurring, the resident who is the victim of the abuse may be too embarrassed to speak up, so watch for signs and indicators and remain in communication with your elderly loved one so they may feel comfortable enough to bring it up if it is happening to them.

Administration Errors – Though it may not be done intentionally, seemingly minor mistakes like not providing medication on time or the failure to supply the resident with the proper food or amount of water can cause serious health implications.  Additionally, there can also be negative results for the residents if the facility fails to repair equipment within a reasonable period of time or fails to provide certain necessary items in each room for the resident’s needs.  Residents negatively impacted by the nursing home facility’s administration errors may be entitled to compensation for any resulting injuries.

Wrongful Death – If you have suspicions that your loved one who passed away while residing in a nursing home died as a result of neglect, abuse, or insufficient caretaking, it is extremely important to speak with an experienced attorney right away.  The Peck Law Group has handled many wrongful death claims against nursing homes and will fight for compensation due to the family of the wrongful death victim.

Inadequate Staffing – A common problem in nursing homes these days is understaffing. Some facilities may try to operate with fewer staff members than it should in order to reduce expenses. Unfortunately, having inadequate staffing can lead to neglect and abuse of the residents.

With multiple offices throughout California, The Peck Law Group’s nursing home abuse attorneys can you assist you with your case including:

If you are concerned about a loved one who may have been a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, call the Peck Law Group today to speak with an experienced attorney who can help you with your potential case and claim for compensation.  Call the Peck Law Group right away at 866-999-9085 right away to find out more information and to schedule your free consultation.


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