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Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorneys Riverside

Unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of elder abuse cases reported every year, from abuse to neglect. Many times the elderly are vulnerable and too weak to speak up for and defend themselves. Even if there are signs and symptoms of abuse many times the families aren’t sure what to look for.

Elder abuse happens when a person, usually a caregiver, purposefully harms or neglects to provide the necessary support to an elderly person. Even though ever state in the US has some kind of elder abuse law in place to protect seniors, actually navigating the laws and bringing those to justice can be very challenging.

Elder Abuse and Neglect is an Increasing Problem in California

Let’s work together to stop elder abuse once and for all! We’ve put together a list below of the common types of elder abuse and neglect. While unfathomable, it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms in case you or a family member becomes a victim of abuse or neglect.

  • Neglect of Health – The caregiver doesn’t take proper care of the elderly’s health needs resulting in bed sores / pressure ulcers, malnutrition, infections, or dehydration.
  • Neglect – In the broader sense of the word, neglect can be the refusal of food, housing, proper care, and anything that places the elder person in a dangerous place.
  • Emotional Abuse – When someone inflicts emotional duress on another person such as verbal abuse, humiliation, intimidation, or threats.
  • Physical Abuse – This can include anything physical such as shoving, slapping, pushing, kicking, and restraining.
  • Sexual Abuse – Any kind of sexual act that is non-consensual and forced, even if the elderly doesn’t have the mental capacity to say no.

Elder Abuse Reporting

Whether you are a responsible family member or a senior, arming yourself with the information and resources on the signs and how to report elder abuse is incredibly important.

Elder Abuse Attorney Riverside

If you suspect that you, a friend, or a family member has been a victim of elder abuse you have to options:

  1. Report the elder abuse or neglect to Adult Protective Services
  2. Speak with an Elder abuse attorney in Riverside at the Peck Law Group by calling 866-999-9085.

Other signs that someone has been a victim of abuse:

  • Open sores
  • Bruising
  • Unexplained emotional distress
  • Threats by caregiver
  • Changes in finances

With multiple offices throughout California, The Peck Law Group’s elder abuse attorneys can you assist you with your case anywhere in the state including (but not limited to):


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