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Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

As Sacramento’s premier law firm of nursing home abuse and negligence attorneys, the Peck Law Group can help you and your loved one seek justice after experiencing neglect or abuse.  We handle a wide variety of cases for victims who have suffered nursing home abuse or neglect.  Each case is important to us, and we will pursue your case to the fullest extent the law allows.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases

There are many different forms of abuse and neglect that can take place within nursing homes.  While nursing homes are supposed to be safe places for the elderly, unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some of the types of cases we take on are listed below.

Medication Errors – One of the most severe forms of abuse and neglect occurring in nursing homes involves the staff making errors in both the medication dispensed to its residents and also the dosages.  Giving a resident the incorrect type of medicine or dosage can result in serious bodily injury or even death.

Bedsores – If your loved one has developed bedsores, it can be a serious indication of neglect or abuse.  Bedsores can develop on nursing home residents due to prolonged exposure to one area.  Generally, these develop on a resident’s back after spending extended time in bed.  This can be a result of inattention and neglect of the staff.

Insufficient Staffing – Another serious issue in nursing home care is a lack of sufficient staffing.  Without the proper staff size, any number of things can go wrong.  The limited staff that is present may be overworked and overtired, and the combination can be deadly.  Cutting the staff size is one of the ways nursing homes choose to lower expenses, but it can come at a cost to your loved one.

Falls and Other Bodily Injuries – While sometimes falls in a nursing home can be an unavoidable accidental injury; it is also possible that these injuries may be directly caused by negligence on the part of the nursing home and its staff.  When this is the case, your loved one may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills along with the pain and suffering they endured.

Financial Exploitation – One of the most common types of abuse or neglect among nursing home residents is financial exploitation.  Residents are particularly vulnerable to this form of abuse for many reasons, including having diminished mental faculties and the fact that the staff is in a position of power that they can use to manipulate the resident into disclosing private financial information.

With multiple offices throughout California, The Peck Law Group’s nursing home abuse attorneys can you assist you with your case including:

Call Us Today If You Have Reason to Believe a Loved One Is Suffering From Abuse or Neglect

Contact the Peck Law Group today if you suspect a loved one has experienced nursing home abuse or neglect.  Our experienced attorneys in the Sacramento area can discuss the facts of the potential case with you and can help you determine if it is in your best interests to pursue a claim for compensation.  Call us at 866-999-9085 for more information or a free consultation.


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