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Latest Nursing Home Abuse Problem in Sacramento

Latest Nursing Home Abuse Problem in Sacramento

In the Sacramento, California area, there are multiple nursing home chains that are involved in an illegal practice that holds some nursing home patients as a higher priority than other residents based on the amount of money each individual nursing home is able to obtain from insurance.

Why is This Latest Nursing Home Abuse Problem Happening?

A spokesman on behalf of the California Nursing Home Reform named Tony Chicotel acknowledged that money has gotten the best of these nursing home providers.  He has urged consumers to follow the money, noting that Medicare pays a much higher rate per day for nursing home caretaking than Medical does, and more money than private pay dollars do, as well.

The Benefits of Having Residents with Medicare

Tony Chicotel has also stated that the problem, in his opinion, is that Medicare only provides a couple of months’ worth of nursing home caretaking to the patients.  When the care provided by Medicare runs out, in many situations, nursing homes will then take immediate action to fill the bed of that person with someone else who is on Medicare.

In the view of these nursing homes, the more that they fill their available beds with Medicare residents, the more money they are able to make.  The monetary difference for the nursing homes can be as much as three or four times the payout for a resident with Medicare than a resident who has another type of insurance.

The Legality of Patient Dumping

This practice of moving patients with Medicare out as soon as their insurance runs out in order to fill the beds with more residents with Medicare is illegal in California.  Under California law, nursing homes are obligated to give their patients a 30-day notice before they are let go.  In many nursing homes in the Sacramento, California area, this is not happening.  According to Tony Chicotel, this patient dumping problem is widespread and happening all over the state of California.

If a loved one has been a victim of this common practice of patient dumping, contact the attorneys at the Peck Law Group as soon as possible.

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Attorney Steven Peck has been practicing law since 1981. A former successful business owner, Mr. Peck initially focused his legal career on business law. Within the first three years, after some colleagues and friend’s parents endured nursing home neglect and elder abuse, he continued his education to begin practicing elder law and nursing home abuse law.

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