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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

Motorcycles are a fun way to travel; which isn’t news to anyone who has ever ridden one. But neither is the fact that a motorcycle can be far more dangerous than a car. If you are involved in an accident in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, it is extremely important to contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney as soon as possible.

Motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than the passengers of a car. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 4,000 motorcyclists died in crashes in the year 2013 in which 42 % fatalities were a result of single-vehicle crashes and 58 % occurred in multiple vehicle crashes. It has also been observed by the IIHS that more than 88,000 motorcyclists were injured during the year 2013.

There are more than 8 million motorcycles on the roads of the United States. Many states including California have implemented laws that require motorcyclists to wear proper helmets compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.

Since head injuries are common among injured motorcyclists, the use of a helmet is extremely important. They are 34 % effective in preventing fatalities and 67 % effective in preventing injuries related to the brain. But accidents happen! They are very common and can be more deadly than most other vehicle accidents. A motorcyclist’s life can be seriously affected as a result of an accident.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a motorcycle accident in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Alameda, the Antelope Valley or surrounding areas which was caused by another party’s reckless driving or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation and pursue a motorcycle accident lawsuit. We at the Peck Law Group are committed to helping the many motorcycle riders of the country that were involved in accidents. We make sure that the injured drivers can gain the maximum financial rewards for the unnecessary suffering that was caused by another person.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

Most motorcycle crashes occur as a result of a collision with other cars or trucks. Because of their size and height, motorcycles are often hard to see on roads. Many car and truck drivers argue that they didn’t see the motorcycle coming, which resulted in a head-on-collision.

Accidents may also occur when a driver takes a left-turn into the motorcyclist’s lane while in a rush. Most accidents that occur with vehicles making left-hand turns are considered to be the fault of the driver of the car or truck.

Many times motorcyclists are also guilty of violating traffic laws and go beyond the legal speeding limit. A motorcyclist may be enthralled with the freedom of an open road and then may miss minor obstacles on the road that can cause them to lose control of their vehicle. Since a motorcycle offers minimal protection to the riders from metals and road hazards, they are more likely to sustain serious injuries.

Excessive use of alcohol and drugs is also a major contributing factor to motorcycle accidents. The Hurt Report, which is a study done for motorcycle safety issues, have also reported that alcohol was the common cause in half of motorcycle accidents that took place in the Los Angeles area.

Motorcyclist’s negligence is also a common cause, especially when accidents don’t involve another vehicle. Potholes and other objects that can be easily and safely navigated by car and truck drivers are much more hazardous to motorcyclists. Obstacles that are situated on the streets such as potholes, light poles, dead animals, etc. create problems for motorcyclists, as they may cause a motorcycle crash.

Other possible conditions that can cause a motorcycle collision in Los Angeles include:

  • Poor weather conditions
  • Ignorance of traffic conditions and rules
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Driving between two lanes also known as lane splitting
  • Inexperienced motorcyclists
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • Improperly maintained vehicles
  • Fuel leakage and spills

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Injuries Resulting from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can cause major injuries. Sometimes these injuries, especially head injuries (which can result even when one is wearing a helmet), often don’t show up for weeks or even months after the incident. Some injuries that are caused in motorcycle accidents include:

  • Bone fractures: When a collision occurs, the motorcyclist’s leg often gets stuck underneath his or her vehicle which can result in a broken leg (the most common injury of motorcycle accident victims). Accidents may also cause fractures of the arm, wrist, shoulders, and pelvis.
  • Head injuries: Head and brain injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in motorcyclists. This is due to the fact that many states do not obligate the riders to ensure proper safety gear when riding. Even when laws are in place, many motorcyclists still may not obey the laws requiring the use of helmets. A person can suffer from paralysis and even go into a coma due to head and brain injuries.
  • Road rashes: If a driver slides across the pavement after the motorcycle accident, his or her exposed skin can rub on the concrete creating a road rash. Although it may not be as simple as a cut, bruise, or a scrape, it can cause skin irritation and even infections if not treated properly.
  • Neck injuries: Trauma to the neck is also common, especially if protective gear is not worn. A neck injury can paralyze a person and even kill them.

Safety Measures to Take When Riding a Motorcycle

The most important safety precaution to take when riding a motorcycle is to wear a helmet. According to National highway traffic safety administration, for every 100 fatalities of a motorcycle crash – 37 would have survived if they had been wearing a helmet. Your helmet should meet the standards set by the Department of transportation from your states and ensure that you keep an extra one for the other passenger.

Wearing protective clothing such as jackets, gloves, sunglasses, long pants, and boots are essential to ensure your safety. It is also important to obey traffic rules and watch out for road hazards.

Motorcycle riders who are self-taught or taught by friends are more prone to accidents than those who are professionally trained. Being professionally trained to ride a motorcycle can save your life as well as others on the road. Many states require motorcycle riders to go through a special test in order to receive a motorcycle driver’s license.

The most important thing to remember is to never to drink and drive – whether it is a motorcycle, a car, or a truck. Drunk driving is not only against the law but also very dangerous.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas

Motorcycle injuries can cause overwhelmingly high medical bills as well as prevent you from returning to work temporary or permanently. The stress of the lost wages and the injuries also prevent you from supporting your family and leading a normal life until you are fully recovered.

Victims of a motorcycle accident deserve to be fully compensated for the negligence of the other driver responsible for their emotional turmoil, physical injuries, and suffering. A motorcycle accident victim has legal rights and may be entitled to a financial compensation.

An experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney Los Angeles can maximize your chance of receiving a financial reward for:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Additional care
  • Psychological counseling
  • Lost wages (current and/or future)
  • Physical therapy for the injuries
  • Rehab services
  • Repair and/or replacement of your motorcycle
  • Compensation to the family member i.e. spouse, children for the wrongful death of the motorcyclist’s

Hire a Reputable Motorcycle Accident Lawyer from the Peck Law Group to Represent You

We at The Peck Law Group are a team of experienced and qualified attorneys aiming to serve you in any motorcycle accident scenario. We understand that the victims of motorcycle accidents and their loved ones go through many physical and emotional challenges.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys work hard to ensure that you receive a satisfactory result in your case. We make sure that those responsible for you and your loved one’s suffering are held accountable.

Our main office is located in Los Angeles, but we also serve the surrounding areas including Sacramento, San Bernardino, Alameda, and the Antelope Valley. We have over 33 years of experience serving the people of California, and will do everything possible to help protect your rights. We will be sure to get you the financial compensation you deserve to support you and your family while you recover. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation case review or come visit us at one of the locations below. You can also find more information about different types of accidents by visiting our blog.


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