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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Fact Sheet

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Fact Sheet

With nursing home abuse becoming a growing problem in Los Angeles and throughout California, it’s more important than ever to know the signs and symptoms nursing home neglect and abuse.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Abuse and neglect at long term care facilities can take on many form, including:

  • Emotional Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Financial Abuse
  • Hygiene Neglect
  • Basic Necessities Neglect
  • Health and Safety Hazards Neglect

Nursing Home Abuse Signs & Symptoms

While sometimes it can be hard to tell if an elderly person is being neglected or abused, there are oftentimes various warning signs that can hint towards some kind of abuse. These signs include:

  • Bruises or cuts on the elderly person’s body
  • Skin burns
  • Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores or pressure sores
  • Bad hygiene / dirty
  • Soiled bed sheets and or clothing
  • Extreme unexplained weakness in the elderly person
  • Medication out of whack

While it’s much easier to spot physical symptoms, emotional symptoms may be much harder to notice. Behavioral changes of seniors that have been abused and/or neglected include:

  • The fear of being left alone
  • Sudden changes in the elderly person’s emotions and personality
  • A complete lack of interest in things
  • Constant worrying or anxiety
  • Constantly crying
  • Overall fear or withdrawal from activities

Have you noticed any of these nursing home abuse or neglect signs in a family member or loved one?

If so the Peck Law Group can help. Their elder and nursing home abuse attorneys specialize in helping people of abuse & neglect take a holistic approach in getting the help you and your loved ones so very much deserve. Please call the Peck Law Group at (866) 999-9085 or fill out the contact form on our website for a complementary case evaluation.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Attorney Steven Peck

About the Author

Attorney Steven Peck has been practicing law since 1981. A former successful business owner, Mr. Peck initially focused his legal career on business law. Within the first three years, after some colleagues and friend’s parents endured nursing home neglect and elder abuse, he continued his education to begin practicing elder law and nursing home abuse law.

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